Men and Women Face Different Challenges When They Find Themselves on Their Own

I’ve mentioned many times that one-third of my clients are women on their own. This gave me insight that made it possible to write When the Picture Changes. Generally, women live longer than men and women are more likely to be on their own in retirement. But over the past two years, several of my male clients have lost their spouses. I’ve noticed that they face different challenges than women in adjusting to life on their own. I don’t think … Continued

I’ve Sold My House and I Want Income

I’ve talked before about how things happen in waves in my practice. I seem to deal with very similar problems in clusters. These days, I’m helping a number of people who have sold their homes to use the proceeds to generate income. They have generally been on their own and in retirement. Their home was becoming too much for them. They no longer needed the space. The maintenance was becoming difficult. And decisions around major repairs were costly and stressful. … Continued

Why I Press Until It Hurts

A few years ago, I was a fan of the Netflix series “Suits”. In one of the early episodes, the protagonist Harvey Specter was mentoring his young protégé on how to move a case forward. “Keep pressing until it hurts. Then you’ll know where to look”, he said as he sent off his understudy to get more information. This is absolutely true for wealth advisors if they want to help clients deal with their most important concerns. I’m not talking … Continued

Finding the Sweet Spot Between Putting Off Aging and Accepting it

There seems to be a surge in information available about aging well and longevity. This isn’t surprising given demographics and an aging baby boom. What has surprised me is how much time I spend talking about it and how much of my headspace it takes up. I’m reminded of a conversation with my Uncle Vito at a family gathering when I was in my twenties. I was quietly listening while relatives 30 or 40 years older talked. Uncle Vito pointed … Continued

Ten Actions Newly Single Women Need to Take to Gain and Maintain Financial Strength

Things happen in waves in my practice. Someone will approach me with a certain financial challenge. Within a week, another person will have almost the exact same concern. Then another. I’ve talked many times about the large segment of my clientele that are women on their own. It was the impetus behind the book I wrote. When the Picture Changes | Matthew Moccio I experienced another wave of inquiries recently from women who are “newly single” meaning they just lost … Continued

Was it a Mistake or Just an Unfavourable Outcome?

NBA player Giannis Antetokounmpo recently had an exchange with a reporter that garnered a lot of attention. His team was knocked out of the playoffs and the reporter asked if he thought the season had been a failure. His response was brilliant and highlighted how achieving a goal is a process where you sometimes make progress and sometimes have setbacks. He said, “There are no failures in sports.” He pointed out to the reporter that Michael Jordan played 15 seasons … Continued

Debating the Best Thing You can do to Build Wealth

I recently read a column by a local financial advisor in a local newspaper. The thesis of the article was this: The single greatest thing you can do to build wealth is to set up a regular savings plan. Hmmm… Certainly, saving is important. There are other key things one should do as well. Have a plan and update it regularly. Diversify. Rebalance periodically. Stay invested when markets are poor. I put all of these in the category of good … Continued

Two Things That Can Impact Your Financial Plan as You Age

When I began working as an advisor almost 20 years ago, the common practice was to run a financial plan to age 90. Since then, that number moved up to 95 and sometimes even 100, thanks to longer life expectancy. It’s prudent to have a plan that provides for you and tests a scenario where you are blessed with a long life. But that is only part of the equation. It’s not just how long you live, but how long … Continued

People Close to Retirement Need a Decumulation Strategy

Statistics and demographics tell us that there is a wave of individuals who are retiring or who are very near. That holds true in my practice as well. A major impetus for new business has been people who want to take inventory of their finances, consolidate their investments from multiple institutions and formulate a plan for their post-work future. So much effort is spent getting to retirement. Most people have spent 30 years working and saving to reach the goal … Continued

Asking Myself How Well I Did by the Globe’s Rob Carrick’s Standards.

Rob Carrick writes about personal finance for the Globe and Mail. I read his columns regularly. I think he provides a valuable public service. He educates investors – both those who are “do-it-yourselfers” and those who work with an advisor. Whenever he writes something directed at investors about how they should evaluate their advisors, my interest is piqued. In the past, he published a questionnaire to help measure the value you get from your advisor. I sent it to all … Continued