Introducing Olive Tree Wealth Management

Introducing Olive Tree Wealth Management

Just over a year ago, I changed investment dealers and began serving my clients through an “independent” firm; iA Private Wealth.  In the industry, it is referred to as an independent because advisors are not employees of the investment dealer but are rather, self-employed.  This change has afforded me and my clients a range of benefits, all of which I will lay out another time. However, among these benefits is the freedom to brand my practice.  Today, I’m proud to announce that my practice is now called Olive Tree Wealth Management.

Why Olive Tree?

I had been trying to think of a name that captures how I want my brand to be recognized for quite some time.  Back when I was in Italy with a friend of mine, pre-covid of course, I noticed how passionate he was about his olive trees and took a great deal of time to care for them.  As we travelled the countryside, it seemed to me that he was commenting on every single olive tree we saw.  As you can imagine, there are lot of them, so I told him to “knock it off.”  He apologized but kept doing it anyway.  We had a lot of laughs about it.

After a week, he dropped me off at the airport in Rome to catch a flight back to Toronto.  Guess what the in-flight movie was?  The Olive Tree – a Spanish film made in 2016.  The film was ok, but it opened my eyes to some fascinating things; olive trees live for hundreds of years, they are essential in many cultures around the world, and interestingly enough, they are a symbol of wisdom and prosperity.

I was captivated by the possible metaphors.  How incredibly rooted the tree is; the way its impact is multi-generational; the way it bears fruit; the symbolism of wisdom and prosperity.  The alignment with my professional values couldn’t be stronger.

What’s next?

I created a website

I also dove into Facebook to develop an engaging page which further represents my brand. Please feel free to visit the Olive Tree Facebook page and like/friend it.

I’ve also decided to share some of my knowledge through other platforms such as blogs and monthly e-newsletters. If wealth management or money is something you’re interested in, be sure to watch out for my upcoming blogs and newsletters.

Also, be sure to keep an eye out for this guy.  I call him Oliver, of course.  I’ve often said that we need to find humour in almost everything.  Personal finance is a serious business, but heaven knows it can be boring and tedious at times.  This is my way of having some fun with it and making what I write about more approachable.  Oliver the Advisor is inspired by real interactions I’ve had with clients; things that actually happened to me!

Cartoon drawing of a financial advisor having a conversation with a client

I’ve also used my wealth of knowledge and interactions with clients to write a book. Feel free to check it out here

Tell all your friends.  I work with a variety of clients, but these are the areas where I’ve found that clients have received the most value from my advice:

  • Women on their own and women in transition. I literally wrote the book on how to adjust after the loss of a spouse or the end of a relationship.  Over a third of my clients are women on their own.
  • People on the cusp on retirement who need a plan that allows them to take that step with confidence
  • Retired people with a variety of income sources who need to optimize how they withdraw from various investments for maximum tax and estate planning efficiency.

Whatever the situation, I am proud to form close personal relationships with my clients so that I understand their values.  It allows me to connect their finances to what it most important to them through a diligent and thorough process.  At Olive Tree Wealth Management we leave no stone unturned.

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