If I were younger, I wouldn’t mind so much.

During times when markets are down, advisors will say “think about the long term” like it is a mantra. It’s because there are many examples from the past that demonstrate that in short periods of time, markets can deliver poor results, but over longer periods of time, they have delivered favourable results fairly consistently. But I will often hear from clients who are near or in retirement that that was all fine and good when they were 30 or 40, … Continued

Your financial plan should drive investment decisions more than current market conditions.

A number of clients have asked me what the current downturn in stock markets means for them. In most cases, the answer is nothing. Before, I build a portfolio for a client, I do some level of financial planning. It’s essential to understand how their investments fit in to an overall picture. How old are they? When will they retire? Do they have a pension plan? How much income will they need. All of that factors into to how the … Continued

“Stocks are down, I wish I had money to invest”. You do.

When markets go through tough periods, I have a lot of conversations with clients to reassure them that their plan is still strong.  It usually helps for them to see that drops in stock values, though sometimes significant, are temporary and usually followed by a period of very strong returns.  It becomes apparent to them that rather than sell, they should hold tight.  Some even say, “wow, then this would be a good time to buy”.  What began as concern … Continued